Hello!  Welcome to my website, www.DigitalMission.US.  

Most of the photos and videos on this site are the result of me
working with Mission groups based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I
have lived the past two years. Also, you see links for my article
about working on a major motion picture for 10 weeks as the "Stills
Photographer", and also an article I wrote after accompanying Alice
Kern, Holocaust Survivor on her return to the camps in 1995.
Please send me an email with any questions or comments about
Mission work, Thailand, End of the Spear, or Alice Kern!

Now a little more about me:  Born the last of four kids in Portland
Oregon, raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Graduated from Roswell High
School.  Moved back to Oregon, attended OSU for one year, then
transferred to Whitworth College in Spokane, WA.   Among many
classes I enjoyed were Sociology, Psychology, Communications,
and of course, Photography.

After several years doing social work with teens and also mentally ill
adults, I went back to school and did a two year Photography and
Art program... in one year.(Whew. Difficult, but cheaper that way!)

In my working career I have been a newspaper photojournalist at
thee different papers, a producer of corporate multi-media
programs, teacher of ESL adults, counselor to abused and
neglected children,  overnight staff at a shelter for street youth, high
school soccer and tennis coach,  assistant golf professional,  
professional golf caddie, freelance photographer and videographer,
and movie stills photographer.

Recently, two of my passions (travel and helping people) have
combined in two different countries, Thailand and Panama, where I
have done photo and video work which you can read about in the
other pages on this site.  I now live in Chiang Mai in northern
Thailand and offer Media support to Mission groups through what I
call DigitalMission, freelance media work.

Thank you again for looking over this site.  I hope that you not only
learn a few things and enjoy yourself, but also might even become
inspired by something you read or see here to spur you on in your
own artistic, missions, and/or life-journey! And remember to drop
me a line... I'd love to hear from you.


Robert  Bowling
Digital Journalist

So far on the site:

School of Promise video and pics
Holocaust Journey
Helping tribal folks in Thailand
Re-cap about motion picture,  
"End of the Spear."

Still to come:

Rob's portfolio
Albania trip
My experiences at Bandon Dunes

And a section of favorite
passages by:

Donald Miller (Blue like Jazz,
Searching for God know's what.)

M. Scott Peck, (The Road less  

C.S. Lewis... and others!
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Bob Bowling