Bless the Dorm: 2013!
           Thanks for helping!

Here is a brief overview of the project to help 23 Hmong tribe grade-school kids who live in a RUN-DOWN dorm so
they can be near a school and get an education. But WE are the only folks helping these students. Please consider
joining DigitalMission as we bless these kids and CHANGE LIVES!
This is the DIRT FLOOR dining hut. After several USA
folks gave money to the project, Pastor Sanchai put in
a new cement floor and block half-wall all around!
DigitalMission donors also bought brand new tables
and 30 chairs just last month!
Last June I noticed the kids slept on this thin green
mat, and had only one BLANKET for padding, and then
another for cover. So in September we were able to
bring some  
two inch thick latex pads that are like a
Beautyrest Supreme to these children... they love 'em!
One fairly big project is to get glass back in some of these windows, and others need DECENT
wooden shutters, not this mish-mash of aluminum and plywood. Almost all the other windows look
like these in the photo.
There is almost NO FURNITURE in the living room. Every evening the students do
homework on the floor and sometimes watch TV or a DVD. There apparently use to be tile
on these floors, but now it is just bare cement. We'd like to get some real FURNITURE in
this room, and maybe someday BEDS in the bedrooms instead of just the mattresses on
the floor! Please pray for this project and help if you can.

There are the main IMPROVEMENTS that need doing:

-- Two more OUTHOUSE/TOILETS that would be shower areas, too. (Only two at present for 23 kids and three    
  staff.  There is NO indoor plumbing in the house!)

-- A new roof and major repair to a cement block building to be a new separate boys dorm.

-- WINDOWS repaired, most with glass, and some with nice, solid wood for the shutters.

-- FURNITURE in the main living room area of the house.

-- BEDS for all 23 students, after the above items are accomplished.

-- It would also be nice to have a grass volleyball court in the side yard someday!
If you want to see a more thorough history and pix of what we've done to help these students, please CLICK HERE.

If you'd like to GIVE A DONATION toward this, please EMAIL me at:

NOTE: Perhaps you are someone who would love to give $100 but you don't have that extra right now after Christmas holidays. But
seriously, even
$20 really helps a lot here in Thailand. Please "join the tribe" and help out, even a small amount is much appreciated!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  Pass this page's URL on, (copy and paste it into a new
email you write about your friend Bob), tell a friend about the
"Extreme Dorm Makeover." Let's
really BLESS these kids and perhaps eventually their village, too!!!

All the best to you,

Robert Bowling

Chiang Mai, Thailand
They were SO HAPPY to get the chairs and tables in
November. On the right is how they always line up
for dinner and say their prayers. Most of these kids
are from non-Christian families, but it is amazing to
hear them recite Bible memory verses and sing
songs of praise to our Creator!
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