I visited this student dorm four times in the last three years, and it
kept looking
worse! Windows were boarded up, the
kitchen/dining area was a bamboo hut with dirt floor, and the kids
ere sleeping on woven mats on the hard floor!
Above, the kids wait for dinner by a Rotary Int'l filter tank that uses
rainwater from the roof. That's great, but this place needs a LOT
more work than that. (Just look at the "windows" in the main house!)
Their living room... with NO furniture. I'm sure
they watch cartoons on this TV sometimes,
but they just have to sit on the floor.
The kids are happy and good natured, but I've visited other dorms in
Thailand and this one is the worst I've seen.. I sense these kids have
so much potential,
Let's help them!
The DINING HUT is not very sturdy or clean and is made entirely out of bamboo, which
doesn't last all that long. The table is rather dirty, and the floor is...
DIRT!  Pastor Sanchai
would really like a new room built for kitchen and dining; a cement floor, 4  ft. high brick outer
walls, and new tables and chairs would be GREAT!  (NOTE: See below, we did it!)
Korean missionaries built this nice brick and
cement CHURCH just behind the dorm, but
they didn't do anything to help the house or the
kitchen. The students use the church in the
evening for Bible Study and singing.
The 23 kids come from a Hmong village with six Christian families and about 30 that are
This Christian dorm for students is a FANTASTIC way to not only reach the KIDS
with God's love,,, but also reach their parents and the entire VILLAGE!

One mission group helps pay Pastor Sanchai about $60 a month. A Korean
pastor gives about $125 a month to help the general budget. Sanchai has a "day
job" while the kids are in school building houses and doing cement work. The local
gov't helps provide food.

But other than that, there is no main group giving strong
SUPPORT to this
program. THAT is why the facility is in such sorry shape.  
DigitalMission has
now stepped in to help this Hmong student dorm and also the village
We've had a good start in the last nine months. Please enjoy the following photos
of changes that have been made to Bless these kids:
CLICK photos to enlarge
GROUP PHOTO:  click on this to enlarge and
see the kids just before they walk to school.
One of the dorm sleeping rooms. Note
the crummy windows, too.
Pastor Suradet and I bought  a nice mattress for the caretakers, and EIGHT big ones for the kids (holding three each) and
TOOK THEM OVER last Thursday, 9/27!  The students came home from school for lunch and were OVERJOYED to grab the
mattresses and put them in their rooms... look at the pix.  Then they walked the 300 yards back to school and Pastor
Sanchai showed us the cement work he and two others did in just ONE week after we gave him the $575 to improve the
dining hut. (By the way, the mattresses were $230.)

CHECK OUT THE PICTURES BELOW OF THIS EXCITING DAY!  Thank you for your help, both prayers and funding!
BIG thanks
to Gary and Margie, Brian, Marilan, and Tom for those dollars!  At the end I'll tell you what the next steps are to keep doing
This top section is the INTRO to the plan to bless these kids and fix up
their Dorm/house in the mountain country. They live at this dorm so they
can be near a public school and get an education.  Check out "before"
pictures to see how much we've done!

SCROLL DOWN below and check out the improvements.

Phase ONE, September, 2012, bringing mattresses and seeing new
cement work on dining hall.

Phase TWO, November, 2012, bringing new tables and chairs!

Phase THREE, April, 2013, We took eight students to summer camp.

Phase FOUR, June, 2013, the new school year: two new toilets and
parent's meeting.

(If you just want the latest, scroll to FOUR!)
It was scouting day for
their school uniforms
(every Thursday.)
Look at the beaming
faces as they get
ready to take the
mattresses inside!
Excited, happy students!
Pastor Suradet helps unfold the mattresses. They'll
sleep three across. On the wall is mosquito netting they
need for the rainy season, June-October.
And in the  girls' room upstairs, more
happiness as they check out what - to them -
is surely like a new Beautyrest Supreme!
I noticed when I visited the Dorm in June that the
kids were sleeping on just a 1/8" thick woven mat.
(See the two green ones at left.)  They did have
extra blankets, so they would fold them over and
use that for a little bit of extra padding.

This picture was taken after they put down the new
mattresses, about 2" thick foam, and then covered
them over with one of the blankets. (Blue quilt and
gray flannel at left.)

In cool/dry season, November to February, it can
get chilly at night, I'm sure the cement floor was
even less fun to sleep on during those months.

Maybe in the future these kids can have actual
beds, but for now they are VERY happy to have
these cushy improvements.
The dirt floor dining hut  MAKEOVER:
AFTER (not finished yet, but see below!)
CLICK photos to enlarge
Another "BEFORE" shot.
AFTER: Our "spread" for eating lunch with Pastor
Sanchai from about the same viewpoint. WOW, much
nicer and cleaner!!
The next step is to plaster over the bricks, inside and out, and also build
a better cement platform outside for doing laundry. This material has all
already been paid for.  All that for $575!  A GREAT return on a Kingdom
Kids investment, wouldn't you say?!

WHAT WE NEED NEXT is to buy about 30 of the red plastic chairs you
see in this picture (yes, just like in USA), and
four good folding tables for
the kids to eat on.  These can all be bought for only
$300... but we don't
have it yet.
Some other shots around the
dorm from previous visits:
The kids can go into one of only two outhouse/toilets to
bathe, but most of them just go out by the water spigot
and lather up with their clothes on... and they literally
wash that set of clothes at the same time. (So, they
could use a little shower building at some point. There is
NO plumbing or toilets in the house.)
Pastor Sanchai and his wife were very pleased with the
new mattress we got them! It's a little thicker than the kids'
Siblings. I don't see the Buddhist/Animist white string tied
around their wrists, so I am thinking that these kids are
from a Christian family.
As you can see, there are no tables to do homework or
coloring or reading on.  The kids just sit on the floor. I'd
like to at least get them some more resin chairs, if not
some nice wood ones for living room furniture.
THANK YOU if you can join to help this dorm of Hmong tribal kids from a mountain
village. Please pray for them, the Christian ministry of Pastor Sanchai, and also the
kids' families and village. It is called
Na Hong Thi.
Stay tuned to see what God
is doing to help these kids,
the dorm, and their village.
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Let me know if you want to help!
Helping underpriviliged kids
in the mountains of Thailand
from the Hmong tribe.
The kids do
chores and
clean up
really well!
The kids eat
okay with
gov't food
supplied, but
the eating
area is not
very clean;
dirt floor,
dirty table.
Some  GREAT IMPROVEMENTS in September, 2012!
CLICK on photos
CLICK photos to enlarge.
free counters
Phase TWO!  The arrival of four new (sturdy) tables and 30 red chairs!
Wow, these are just grade-school
kids, but they unloaded that truck
in like three minutes!
Lining up and saying their prayer before the first dinner
in the nicer, cleaner dining hall with new furniture!
CLICK on any photo to enlarge
Guy's table
Girl's table
Get involved!  There are a lot more projects
to do. Please let me know if
YOU can help!
(NOTE: about $950 did all this!)
Sanchai plans a new dishwashing area
next, just outside the dining hut.

Hopefully at some point we can tackle
those AWFUL windows in the main house
and also make two new toilet's and a
shower room for the boys.
LOVE to see those smiling faces!
I think the kid in the lower right is
actually a "transformer" robot, ha!
EMAIL: HelpHmong@DigitalMission.us
PART THREE!  We took EIGHT dorm kids to summer camp!
APRIL update
And we're almost off and away! This pic was taken just
as we were leaving Na Hong Thiy village. (The new
Hmong church is in the background!)

Bob is in the middle, with four boys and four girls from
the dorm, Sorn (in blue) going as boy's counselor, and
Rose (orange collar) going as girl's counselor. Eleven
people fit into my new 4x4 Ford Ranger truck.

Below are some pix of many of the activities at the
camp. Our Hmong Dorm kids should be in each one.

I was very happy that five of the kids were from
non-Christian families, so they could experience the
love of Christian people at camp, and hear from the
Word, too.
Each morning began with a
cabin and camper  inspection.
Chore time, washing the dishes.
Morning Bible lesson.
Sorn and four Dorm guys eating breakfast.
Prayer time at Bible study.
Craft time during one of the rotations.
Looks like Eikasit needs to rotate his
craft a little bit, too... it's upside down!
The girl's got it right.
The Buddhist bracelets are still there, but
at least the Jesus bracelet is going on!
Knot-tying is a tradition at the camp.
Later they would learn to turn a tarp
into a nice tent using the proper knot.
The water balloon wars
were a bit hit.

Over 600 were made... and
Wacky relay races were held.
Basketball was a ton of fun. I'd like to
get a hoop put up at the Dorm!
The kids also had Health classes every
day in the afternoon.
Dinner time.  Rice, meat, and veggies.
Each team had a blast competing in
the obstacle course time trial event.
Ateet completes the obstacle course
by swinging across the finish line!
Prayer time on the final night of camp.
Bible knowledge contests were held each
night. Many of the kids were from Christian
dorm programs or orphan homes.
The Hmong Dorm students seemed to have a great time, even though it was in
April, the hottest month in Thailand. There will be another camp here at the
three-week school break in October. Hopefully we can TWO trucks full of  kids
back to camp!
PART FOUR, school starts up again, and toilets are being built!
JUNE update
Pastor Sanchai did a great job of running the
parent's meeting. They agreed to help on
projects more, and also requested English
and maybe computer classes at the Dorm.
Pastor Suradet and Bob were there also.
The moms got out all the bedding and
mattresses that had been stored away for
summer vacation. (March 15 - May 12)
And the dads took on a few projects
around the outside. Here's one way to
cut weeds... bend over and swing a
sharp machete over them. I sure wish
this was nice grass instead of weeds.
And here is the new double-latrine that is being built! It'll be finished soon
and has already been paid for by donations through DigitalMission.
THANKS A TON to Ed, Bruce and Vicki, Dawson, Carole, Dino, Lynnelle, and Marilan!
Bob teaches the first English class at the dorm, held in the
little church out back. "Head, shoulders, Knees and toes"
was a huge hit with the kids. Their English is very low, but
we'll be building it up!
The parents asked if we could do an English EFL program at the dorm since the school program
is rather weak. I will be going over there twice a month for a Saturday morning class. The

long-range idea
is to try to find a VOLUNTEER who wants to come live at the dorm for a while
and do English every day!!

Another hope I have is that we can do an ENGLISH CAMP, perhaps this October when school is
out. Here's an IDEA:
YOU can come over and do this: one week at the Christian Camp above,
and another week at the Dorm, teaching English, doing repairs, or a landscaping project! This
would cost about
$2200 for plane fare, guesthouse/hotels, and most meals ... AMAZING!
Let me know if you have an interest in coming over for this... or at another time!
FUNDRAISING: we have two projects going right now:
One is to raise a year of
support for Pastor Sanchai's
daugher and her husband to be
FULL TIME staff at the dorm.
They will be thrilled to have
$125 a month in salary.

They already work with the
kids, but this way they can be
full time and don't have to move
away to find jobs. WE REALLY
 Let me know if you can pledge
one year's worth of a monthly
amount, ($25? $50?) or...  give a
special one-time gift toward
their $1500 yearly budget.
The OTHER request right now is to build a SHOWER ROOM adjoining the new toilets. This will cost
$300. We are hoping to do this project in the next few weeks.
"We're tired of showering on the sidewalk,
help us get our own shower room!!"

(YES! Soon they will have their own, private
"Center for the performing Bubbles" at the
Hmong Dorm, ha!)
The two new toilets are paid-for, but the
shower room is not. We need to raise

for the materials, Then Sanchai and
some parents can build it!
CLICK photos to enlarge!
INTRO: this is how the Dorm has
looked for the last f
our years:
Phase ONE :
Note: DONE! We just received the $300 for this project. I am excited that it
came from a "friend of a friend" who gets the DigitalMission  newsletter... I don't even
know her but this project touched her heart. Bless you DB! L
et's pray others will help by
letting their
friends know about the ExtremeDormMakeover!  (Share the link!)