"Needs List"  for
DigitalMission Ministry:
Plane Fare to visit Oregon. I finally paid off last year's trip, but I'm saving for a visit this
Fall or Christmas
. Will need about $1400.

New Glasses - well, my Thailand frames are very sloppy and will probably fall apart
soon. These will cost about $300 and I will get a better frame this time.

I am HOPING that I can sell my Nikon D7000 and also my D90 and then buy a new
Nikon D7100. The model number may look like only slightly better than the D7000, but
actually it is a LOT better. And, it has a HEADPHONE jack on it, which I really miss. I
messed up a video interview recently because I couldn't monitor the sound while
recording. I'll probably need another $300 to pull of
f the big swap.

Supasorn, the college student who lives with me needs tuition help. His parents work
hard as farmers in a village near the Burma border, but their income is rather low. He
is an Engineer major and a great young man. Let me know if you feel inspired to help
him out.

Please check out the Extreme Dorm Makeover pages for more ways to help!!!
NEWER COMPUTER FOR VIDEO EDITING:  I currently use a five-year old Sony Vaio laptop
computer to organize and edit my
photos.  I also have a second-hand Macbook Pro laptop that is
about five years old that I do my
video editing on. It has a limit of 2 gigs of RAM on it and cannot run
"Final Cut", the popular and professional editing software.

I need a new
Macbook Pro laptop that will run "Final Cut" software! These are about $2300, but
through my niece's boyfriend Jake, I can get a refurbished model with his 10% employee discount
tagged on. This would be about
$1700. Having this would enable me to be more efficient in work
and also offer a more professional look to the video programs I produce.

I would also need to purchase the "Final Cut" software for $300.

DONE!  WoW!  I had an awesome donation come in and was able to buy a brand new MacBook
Pro that will do great video and photo editing.  What an awesome Christmas present!!!!  
New point-and-shoot camera:
Summer  2013 Current Needs:
The engine on my Honda 150cc motorbike has cracked!  It is in the shop now and will be
about $280 to fix.  I ride it to save money on gas and make parking easier, and also loan it
out at times to friends.
DONE!  Thank you SK for your kind donation in early May!

NEW GLASSES for Bob.  Mine broke in Feb. and I am wearing my old pair from about six years ago.
The prescription isn't too bad, but they are really scratched up. I need "progressive" lenses to see
both far and near.     About $290 here in Thailand.
DONE! I had a special donation come in from
Bandon, Oregon that took care of this!!

AIR CONDTIONING repair on my 1991 Toyota truck.  DONE!  Looked like this one was going to cost
$350, but a Thai friend suggested a local shop and the guy put some new parts in and cleaned the
compressor for
$60.  Hope it lasts.  UPDATE:  Hmmm, it is cold for about 20 minutes, but if I go on a
longer trip it gives out. Gotta look into this. Definitely BETTER, tho!

Sometimes I need to take a SMALL camera on my belt, not one of the big Nikons.  I have a little
Panasonic LX-3, a 7mp that has been fantastic, but it's a bit old now and also on semi-permanent
loan to Lopa, manager of the FLC children's home. FLC can't/won't buy him a camera so I let him
keep mine most of the time.

Sooo...  I'd like to buy a Sony HX9V camera, a 16mp with outstanding HD video, and an incredible
24-384mm zoom range. (I'd like to buy a 24mm wide angle for my Nikon, but buying this camera would
be cheaper than the Nikkor lens!) It also does 16mp panorama shots IN-camera, has incredible
steady shot capability, GPS, and shoots 10 frames per second bursts!

DONE!  (July 2012) By working on rebuilding my sister Barb and bro-in-law Dick's BACK DECK, I was
able to earn most of the money to purchase a Sony HX30v camera that does HD video, and amazing
photos... ultra wide angle for classrooms and village huts, too! It's already been a great addition to my
arsenal to do great MEDIA WORK for mission groups!   **This camera comes highly suggested by
me, it is both simple and also has tons of options if you want.

THANK YOU LORD and THANK YOU FRIENDS!  What a great feeling to write "DONE" on these! And I
give all PRAISE to the Lord for raising up awesome friends who enable me to do the mission work I
am doing here.
The following items have been fixed or bought in the last 18 months,,, amazing!
God is truly looking after me, and friends are helping out. My thanks to you is
beyond words.
MONTHLY BUDGET:  As a friend of mine who works with Young Life told me last summer,
"Bob, you are a fantastic VALUE in sponsoring someone in the mission field. Are you
telling me that for only $1500 a month we can send a FULL TIME missionary to the
field? And then you are helping MULTIPLE groups? That is incredible, people need to
know that."  

I am still $250 short of being at that mark. I seem to have special gifts come in periodically
that sure do help out, but please consider being a
monthly sponsor of DigitalMission. My
budget could use a few more of those!

If you would like to give a special gift or become a monthly donor to DigitalMission, please
contact me via email!  Please tell me what excites you about what you've seen on these
pages and I will make sure your donation goes to help in an area of  your choice!

I have a 501(C)(3) you can send to that will send you tax receipts. THANK YOU, this work
only happens because people CARE and help out!   Email:
1) Monthly budget.
2) Plane fare.
3) New glasses.

4) Improved equipment.
5) Supasorn college tuition.
DigitalMission now has a 2001 Ford Ranger 4x4, four-door pickup truck!
Praise the Lord and thank you to several key people who donated toward this!!