Here is my VISION STATEMENT for DigitalMission:

Media Mission:

"To serve front-line Christian missionaries in SE Asia by providing
professional media services, thus enabling them to concentrate  full
energy on their life-changing ministries."

DigitalMission helps with candid and action photography, formal
portraits, video productions, website consulting, brochure and
newsletter design, Facebook page management, and staff training
in all of the above!

Ministry Mission:

"To apply and demonstrate God's Love to individuals and groups that
the Spirit leads me to by building relationships and helping with
educational, spiritual, and practical needs."


In addition to the individuals I already help, I am now helping a student DORMITORY
for grade-school aged Hmong (a tribal group here) students that is three hours from
Chiang Mai in the mountain country.  They are from a non-Christian village, but during
the week they live in a Christian dorm/home, go to a Thai school just 300 yards away,
and get great
support and spiritual teaching from Pastor Sanchai, his wife, and their

BUT THIS FACILITY IS QUITE RUN DOWN! Many windows are boarded up,
kitchen/dining is a bamboo hut with a dirt floor, and the 23 kids have NO bed or mat to
sleep on! I am looking to do an
"Extreme DORM Makeover" and help them! Can
you send extra funds for this? Or maybe you can come over and help with some

NEWS FLASH:  We have begun! The kids now have mattresses, and the dining hall is
looking GREAT!  
Check out latest pictures, click "HELP the kids' DORM"!!!

I have also helped, AHOO, 37, who is a winning long distance runner. He lives and
works in the mountains and is a new believer, getting stronger every month.  He has a
hearing loss and resulting slurred-speech problems. I helped him go to the
gov't hospital in Chiang Rai to get his one old hearing aid fixed, and then get another,
newer one, too! He is also signed up for speech therapy, which he needs badly
according to my Thai-speaking friends who have difficulty understanding him.

Ahoo faces persecution in his non-Christian village, so he is waiting a while to actually
be baptised... he MIGHT get kicked out of his village for officially and publicly
becoming a Christian. He visits me every month or so, especially if there is a running
event in the Chiang Mai area!  I can't visit him in rainy season (4x4 truck needed), but
now it has become dry season, so I hope to go to his village soon. (Written Nov. 20.)

Supasorn (Sorn), 20, lives with me while attending North Chiang Mai University
to study engineering. He had a motorcy crash last December and has had four
operations on his femur (upper leg), the last one just this week, 11/20.  He is helping
me with Thai, and I help him with English. We study Bible together and pray together.
We are hoping the new house in Hang Dong can be of some use in MINISTRY, maybe
with Univ. students, but that is still to be developed as we just moved in four weeks ago.

I also gave $60 to  
Rawang pastor Aken here in Chiang Mai to help him toward
buying a used motorbike, which he just got last week!

TO DO MORE OF TO BLESS PEOPLE regarding the second "vision" of DM, above.